Optimize your order management to reduce time, expenses and find new client

B2B orders automation and marketplace for professional cosmetics industry

Besides Suplery will bring you new clients.

Suplery will provide an opportunity for better customer retention, significally increase the sales process productivity and service level, reduce operational costs and the impact of the human factor.

Our digital products solve companies' problems and make life easier for thousands of people.

Уears of experience, providing a CRM system
Salons to manage their inventory, schedule, staff & marketing
From this, we discovered a need for a new product which will help to automate supplies replenishment.

Key Benefits.

Impactful Results

Suplery integrates with different CRM systems of your customers. That allows clients to automatically order exactly the products needed for the next period, offer them new products and promotions, and automatically solve typical problems within ordering process.

Decrease manual work by


Decrease total operational costs by


Key challenges.

No automated supplies ordering system in place
Purchasing process consists of door-to-door sales, Excel, email and phone communications, resulting in higher prices, unpredictable deliveries, and missing supplies
Bad customer service due to the lack of order control
No control over the salon's budget for supplies, resulting in overspending
Lack of ability to analyze and report on spend patterns to ensure maximum efficiency with key vendors

Orders Management

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  • Customers can create new orders in few clicks
  • Integration with customers' CRM systems allows automatically order exactly the products needed for the next period
  • Offer clients new products and promotions
  • Automatically solve typical problems within ordering process
  • Collect and process client's feedback

Interact with customers efficiently

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  • In 10 times reduce the time for the formation and approval of the order
  • Communication on orders in a single system: no more missed calls, forgotten emailsand missed messages
  • Provide the customer with detailed product information: descriptions, photos, recipes and recommendations
  • Current price in the system: forget to send price and specify prices
  • Find out the customer's impressions of your products and service after delivery

Significantly increase the level of service

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  • Create an order automatically — the customer does not need to spend time and effort
  • Always keep the customer informed of the status of his order
  • Minimize the number of errors and lost orders, customers and information due to the human factor

Find new clients

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  • Show all your products in marketplace with colorful pictures and detailed descriptions
  • Reach high ranking level in Suplery while serving your excisting clients
  • Serve your new clients with the highest quality using Suplery

Manage your sales and customer base online

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  • Monitor the performance of sales representatives, monitor the implementation of plans, identify causes of failure and correct them
  • Use deep and detailed analytics to manage sales, make informed decisions and grow quickly
  • Collect and analyze unified information about customers and their sales of cosmetics in real time. Be the first to know about trends and changes in demand