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Kir Fesenko

CPO at Suplery

Kir is a seasoned product manager with a specialty in process automation within the beauty industry. With a keen understanding of analytics, design, and customer needs, Kir has a unique ability to pinpoint and resolve business inefficiencies. Over the past 5 years, Kir has honed these skills, solidifying a reputation for quick and effective problem-solving. This unique perspective is further enriched by his numerous in-depth interviews with administrators, managers, and salon owners, allowing him to delve deep into their challenges and aspirations. But Kir’s prowess doesn’t end there. His resume is embellished with extensive work related to branding. From conceptualizing unique brand names to sculpting their visual identities and creating bespoke materials, Kir's multifaceted skills come to the fore.

He is open to communication on E-mail and LinkedIn.

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