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Salon recruitment plan: 5 tips for building a stellar team

Salon recruitment plan: 5 tips for building a stellar team

A successful salon hinges on a stellar team, directly impacting revenue and client happiness. An effective salon recruitment plan is not just a step in business setup, but a continual strategy for growth and client satisfaction. It's the heartbeat of your salon's success story. 

In this article, I'll guide you through crafting this crucial plan, ensuring your team becomes the cornerstone of your salon's enduring success.

What is a salon recruitment plan and how it helps

A salon recruitment plan is a strategic approach to hiring that goes beyond mere staff selection. It's a comprehensive process encompassing the identification, attraction, and retention of talent specifically suited for your salon's unique needs and culture. 

Think of it as a blueprint for assembling a team that not only possesses the necessary skills but also aligns with your salon's ethos and client expectations.

How it helps:

  • Enhanced client satisfaction. By carefully selecting staff who are not just skilled but also personable and client-oriented, you ensure a higher level of service, directly impacting client loyalty.
  • Operational efficiency. A well-thought-out salon recruiting plan ensures you have the right people in the right roles, leading to smoother operations.
  • Brand building. The right team can embody and promote your salon's brand, attracting a clientele that resonates with your salon's image.
  • Growth and innovation. A diverse and dynamic team brings new ideas and perspectives, fueling growth and keeping your salon ahead of trends.

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Tips for creating a salon recruitment plan

A well-crafted salon recruitment plan guides you to attract, hire, and retain the right talent. Here, we'll explore key strategies to develop this plan, ensuring your team not only contributes to the salon's present success but also shapes its future.

Assess your salon's needs

Before diving into recruitment, it’s crucial to understand your salon's specific needs. This step involves a thorough analysis of various aspects:

  • Services offered: what are your salon's signature services? Do you need experts in specific treatments or styles?
  • Clientele: consider the demographics and preferences of your client base. What skills will best serve their needs?
  • Cultural fit: assess the values and atmosphere of your salon. What personality traits and attitudes will harmonize with your existing team?

Develop a recruitment strategy

With a clear understanding of your needs, develop a recruitment strategy that aligns with your salon's goals. This strategy should encompass:

  • Job descriptions: craft clear, compelling job descriptions that outline not only the technical requirements but also the soft skills and personality traits you’re seeking.
  • Recruitment channels: identify the most effective channels for reaching potential candidates. This could include industry-specific job boards, social media, and beauty school partnerships.
  • Budget and resources: allocate budget for advertising positions, recruitment tools, and potential recruitment agency fees.
  • Timeline: establish a timeline for each stage of the recruitment process.
  • Employer branding: showcase your salon's culture and values. A strong employer brand attracts candidates who are not just looking for a job but are excited about being part of your vision.

Identify the ideal candidate persona

Creating a candidate persona can significantly streamline your salon recruitment process. This persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal employee, considering factors like:

  • Skill set: what technical skills and experience are essential?
  • Personality traits: look for qualities that will complement your team and enhance client interactions.

Career goals: consider candidates whose professional aspirations align with the opportunities your salon offers.

When envisioning the ideal candidate for your salon, paint a detailed portrait as if they were already part of your team. Imagine them not just as a set of skills and experiences, but as a living, breathing person with aspirations, personality, and a unique flair.

Example of ideal candidate persona

Emily is a dynamic hairstylist with six years of experience, whose journey in the beauty industry began right after she graduated from a prestigious cosmetology school. Specializing in innovative coloring techniques, Emily brings a creative flair to classic and modern styles alike. She's a natural communicator, known for her ability to instantly connect with clients. Her warm smile and attentive listening make every client feel at home, turning first-time visitors into loyal patrons.

Her aspiration to grow doesn't just rest on honing her craft; Emily envisions herself taking on mentorship roles in the future, perhaps leading training sessions or workshops. This ambition aligns perfectly with our salon's commitment to continuous learning and development.

Provide opportunities for learning and growth

Top talent often seeks workplaces that offer growth and development opportunities. Enhancing your salon recruitment plan with these elements can be a game-changer:

  • Continuing education: offer or facilitate access to ongoing training in the latest techniques and trends.
  • Career pathways: create clear career progression opportunities within your salon.

Mentorship programs: pairing new hires with experienced staff can foster skill development and team cohesion.

Investing $1,000 annually in continuing education for each stylist can lead to enhanced skills. This investment might enable them to perform more complex services priced 25% higher than basic offerings, potentially adding thousands to monthly revenue.

Develop a comprehensive onboarding program

A well-structured onboarding program is crucial for integrating new hires into your salon's culture and operations effectively. Key elements include:

  • Orientation sessions: introduce new employees to your salon's policies, culture, and team.
  • Training modules: tailor training to cover both general salon procedures and specific role-related skills.

Feedback mechanisms: regular check-ins and feedback sessions help new hires adjust and thrive.

If the cost of a structured onboarding program is $300 per new hire, but it reduces the time to reach full productivity by two weeks, the financial benefits are clear. For a stylist who generates $1,200 weekly, this acceleration means an additional $2,400 in revenue during the initial period.

A thoughtful salon recruitment plan is more than a hiring tool; it's a strategic component of your salon's growth and success. 

How to craft attractive job postings

Now that your salon recruitment plan is in place, it's time to actively seek out the ideal candidates. The journey begins with an engaging, clear job description. Here are some essential tips for crafting a description that captures attention:

  • Use clear, direct language: begin with a straightforward job title and describe the role and responsibilities clearly. This approach ensures potential candidates immediately grasp if they align with the position.
  • Showcase your salon's culture: let candidates feel the unique atmosphere of your salon. Whether it emphasizes creativity, teamwork, or client focus, your description should reflect the essence of your work environment.
  • Specify skills and qualifications: clearly state the necessary technical skills, certifications, and experience. Setting these clear expectations attracts candidates who are well-suited for the role.
  • Promote growth opportunities: highlight how your salon nurtures talent. Mention any training programs, mentorship opportunities, or career progression paths to attract professionals seeking growth.
  • Detail practical aspects: include essential information like location, working hours, and benefits. These specifics often play a crucial role in a candidate's decision-making process.

A compelling job description is your first point of contact with potential team members. Make it impactful by being engaging, informative, and reflective of your salon's unique qualities.


In sum, crafting a stellar salon team begins with a well-thought-out recruitment plan and a compelling job description. By clearly understanding your needs, strategically promoting your salon's culture, and communicating growth opportunities, you attract the right talent. 

This approach not only fills your chairs with skilled professionals but also builds a team that resonates with your brand and contributes to your salon's long-term success.

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Frequently asked questions

What should be included in a recruitment plan?

A recruitment plan should include a needs assessment, candidate profile, recruitment strategies, structured interview processes, a defined budget, a timeline, and an onboarding strategy.

How do I create a hiring plan?

Create a hiring plan by aligning it with business goals, identifying staffing requirements, setting a budget, drafting detailed job descriptions, choosing effective recruitment channels, and establishing the onboarding process.

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