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Editorial team

Alina Hrynenko

Head of content at Suplery

Alina Hrynenko is an accomplished professional with over six years of experience in business growth and marketing. She earned her legal degree from DonNU and is currently the head of content at Suplery. Alina spent a significant part of her career at the Beauty Pro project, a CRM for the beauty business, where she excelled in developing informative content and driving digital strategy. Alina's broad experience spans from creating productivity enhancement courses for small and medium-sized enterprises to crafting over 500 instructions, blog articles, and social media posts.

Aside from her professional pursuits, Alina successfully runs a book blog on TikTok, amassing a strong following. Her diverse experience and unique insights add depth to the Suplery team.

She is open to communication on E-mail and Facebook.

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