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Content guidelines

This document outlines the guidelines and requirements pertaining to the submission of product and supplier information on the Platform. Suppliers must provide comprehensive and accurate information to ensure transparency and facilitate decision-making for Clients. Adherence to these guidelines is mandatory for all Suppliers.

It is Supplier's responsibility to ensure that all products and other content that you make available on the Platform meet the requirements set forth in these Content guidelines.

These Content guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Suplery Inc. Terms of Service ("General terms"). Any capitalized and/or bold terms that are used in this Content guidelines but are undefined will be assumed to have the meanings given to them in General terms.

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to make changes or modifications to this Content guidelines at any time and for any reason. We will alert you about any changes by updating the “Last updated” date of the Content guidelines, and you waive any right to receive specific notice of each such change.

Product information guidelines

The Supplier must submit information about all products in its catalog. Each product information provided by the Supplier must include the following information:

Product name: Clearly state the full name of the product.

Brand name: Specify the brand name of the product. You may use only brands submitted to or existing on the Platform.

Series: Specify the series of the product, if any.

Barcode: Specify the barcode of the product.

SKU: Specify the SKU of the product, if any.

Package size: Specify the size of the package in which the product is sold.

Variations: List all available variations for the product (if any), including color, size, and other relevant attributes.

Price: Provide the selling price for the product if it can be bought by a Client.

Retail Price: List the standard retail price for the product if Supplier allows the Client to resell it.

Description fields: Give a comprehensive description of the product, including its benefits, usage instructions, ingredients (where applicable), and other relevant information that a Client would find useful.

Hazardous material: Declare whether the product contains any hazardous materials in compliance with applicable regulations. The Supplier must attach a Safety data sheet for the product that contains hazardous material.

Product images: Images that accurately represent the product. Specific requirements for images are provided in these Content guidelines.

Files: The Supplier may attach files to provide additional information. Specific requirements for files are provided in these Content guidelines.

Brand information guidelines

Every product listed on the Platform must be associated with a brand name. A supplier can add a new brand to the Platform or use one that other Suppliers have already added. To add a brand name to the Platform the Supplier must submit the following information:

Brand name: Clearly state the name of the brand as the brand owner provides it.

Country of brand registration: Specify the country where the brand is registered.

Country of production: Specify where the brand's products are manufactured.

Description: Give a comprehensive description of the brand.

The Supplier must verify all the information and, upon Suplery request, provide evidence that supports its accuracy.

Supplier information guidelines

Information about the Supplier must meet the following requirements:

Logo image requirements:

Size: minimal size 200×200 pixels, maximal size 3000×3000 pixels.

Format: .jpg .jpeg, .webp or .png

Prohibited content:

  • Trademark marks (without proof of registration)
  • Advertising texts
  • The use of photographs

Cover image requirements:

Size: minimal size 800×200 pixels, maximal size 5000×3000 pixels.

Format: .jpg .jpeg, .webp or .png

Prohibited content:

  • Trademark marks (without proof of registration)
  • Advertising texts

Description Requirements: The Supplier cannot include any contact information, such as phone numbers, emails, addresses, links to social network pages, sites, messenger ids, etc.

Remember to follow User content requirements set by General terms and Link policy.

Product image requirements

Images are an essential part of the product listing, and must:

  • Be clear, well-lit, and high-resolution (minimum 800×800 pixels).
  • Accurately represent the product (i.e., true to color, size, and design).
  • Include at least one image showcasing the entire product.
  • Not contain watermarks, logos, or any other branding, unless it is part of the product packaging.
  • Be on a white or neutral background.

Files requirements

You may also attach documents to a product. All files must meet the following requirements:

Format: .pdf

Size: no more than 50 MB

Prohibition of external Supplier resource references

As part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining a safe, efficient, and self-contained environment, references to external Supplier resources are expressly forbidden.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Links or references to Supplier's personal or corporate websites.
  • Mention or sharing of social media handles, pages, or accounts.
  • Sharing external contact information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, or physical addresses.

Please do not include such information in images, files, texts, links, or other content. A violation may result in the immediate termination of your account.

All provided information must comply with the local laws, rules, and regulations of the USA and every State where the Suplery operates and where the product will be sold. This includes, but is not limited to:

Complying with all labeling regulations.

Not making false, misleading, or unverified claims about the product.

Complying with all safety and environmental standards.

The Supplier must acknowledge and agree to:

  • abide by these Content guidelines and General terms;
  • comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, including safety, labeling, testing, warning, import, export, regional certifications, and all other applicable consumer protection law requirements;
  • not infringe upon the intellectual property, publicity or other rights of any third parties;
  • not provide any false, inaccurate, misleading information, or unverified claims about your products;
  • ensure that the products the Supplier sells are allowed to be sold from the Supplier’s jurisdiction and into a Client’s jurisdiction.

You acknowledge and agree that Suplery is not responsible for determining whether you meet the above requirements, and you hereby release Suplery from any liability with respect thereto. Your compliance with the foregoing requirement is a material condition of your participation as a Supplier on the Platform.

Prohibited items

The following items are prohibited from being sold on the Platform:

  • Items that violate any laws or regulations.
  • Counterfeit or stolen goods.
  • Goods that infringe on intellectual property rights.
  • Products containing harmful or restricted substances not in compliance with safety regulations.
  • Any recalled products
  • Digital goods, including software
  • Gift cards
  • Used goods
  • Stamps
  • Fine art
  • Gambling or lottery-related items
  • Any perishable foods, including meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and dairy products
  • Any other items deemed inappropriate or harmful as determined by Suplery.

Compliance with Content guidelines

By providing information, Suppliers affirm their understanding of and commitment to these Content guidelines. Non-compliance with these Content guidelines may result in penalties, including but not limited to removal of listings, suspension of account, and/or legal action.

Contact us

For further queries regarding these Content guidelines, please contact Suplery's support team.